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Rooms for this event are available onsite at a 10% discount

Parking and Transportation:

Adequate free parking is available onsite. 

Metro Shuttle will be available for the day of the event (more details will be posted shortly)



Uniform of the day:

O-1 – O-4: Service Dress Blue (Alternative: Dinner Dress Blue/Jacket)                                         

O-5 and above: Dinner Dress Blue Jacket (Alternative: Dinner Dress Blue or Service Dress Blue)


Civilian: Formal (ball gown or tuxedo) or Semi-formal (dress or suit)

For this event the Bolger Center Campus will be treated as a covered area, please do not bring covers to the event.


Policy References for Uniform of the Day:


Men’s Policy CCI 421.01 https://dcp.psc.gov/ccmis/ccis/documents/CC421_01.pdf

Dinner Dress Blue Jacket (pg. 12)

Dinner Dress Blue (pg. 14)

Service Dress Blue (pg. 18)


Women’s Policy CCI 421.02 https://dcp.psc.gov/ccmis/ccis/documents/CC421_02.pdf

Dinner Dress Blue Jacket (pg. 11)

Dinner Dress Blue (pg. 13)

Service Dress Blue (pg. 17)