Rooms for this event are available onsite at a 10% discount

Parking and Transportation:

Adequate free parking is available onsite. 

Metro Shuttle will be available for the day of the event (more details will be posted shortly)



Uniform of the day:

O-1 – O-4: Service Dress Blue (Alternative: Dinner Dress Blue/Jacket)                                         

O-5 and above: Dinner Dress Blue Jacket (Alternative: Dinner Dress Blue or Service Dress Blue)


Civilian: Formal (ball gown or tuxedo) or Semi-formal (dress or suit)

For this event the Bolger Center Campus will be treated as a covered area, please do not bring covers to the event.


Policy References for Uniform of the Day:


Men’s Policy CCI 421.01

Dinner Dress Blue Jacket (pg. 12)

Dinner Dress Blue (pg. 14)

Service Dress Blue (pg. 18)


Women’s Policy CCI 421.02

Dinner Dress Blue Jacket (pg. 11)

Dinner Dress Blue (pg. 13)

Service Dress Blue (pg. 17)

Dinner Table

The DC Chapter of the Commissioned Officers Association

Requests the pleasure of your company at the

2018 Dining Out 

What is a Dining Out?  And what does it entail?

Clink the link below to read a short excerpt to learn little more about what a Dining Out is from the book Service Etiquette, Fifth Edition 2013, by Cherlynn Conetsco and Anna Hart. 

Click here


Saturday, February 24, 2018



At the:

William F. Bolger Center, Franklin Ballroom

9600 Newbridge Drive, Potomac, MD 20854


Cocktail hour commences at Six O’clock in the evening


Dinner is due to convene at Eight O’clock


Guest of Honor: Dr. Boris Lushniak

Please click here to read more about our distinguished guest


Come join fellow officers at the Bolger Center in serene Potomac Maryland for a formal evening out.  This event is geared towards officers and their significant others (optional) and is centered on a sea service tradition that works to build camaraderie, Esprit de Corps, with a touch of old fashioned shenanigans.  We hope to see you there!


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