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Adopt-a-Highway Cleaning Event - Sunday, June 4, 2023

Greetings Commissioned Corps,

Help promote Corps visibility and maintain a healthy and safe environment. Join us to clean the 1 mile stretch of New Hampshire Ave in front of FDA Headquarters for the Adopt-a-Highway (AHA) initiative.

Contact LCDR Bandukwala and LCDR Rider to find out how to secure your certificate of appreciation after 5 hours of this AHA activity.

Family and Friends are welcome to join in this event once they have completed requirements below. First preference goes to CC officers. Children between 12-17 may also participate in this event. However, the parent PHS officer must be responsible for their welfare and safety at all times!


Disclaimer: Official recognition for participation in DC COA sponsored events (i.e., Certificates or Letters of Appreciation) will be offered to DC COA members in good standing (i.e., current dues paid). Note, not all events advertised in the DC COA listserv distribution and social media platforms are DC COA sponsored.

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