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BLS Resources

The DC COA Career Development and Education Committee has identified BLS resources for officers to maintain BLS certification. Please see below for a list of resources.

To maintain basic readiness, PHS officers are required to have current training in Basic Life Support (BLS) at the level of healthcare provider. Officers must complete and maintain currency in one of the following basic life support (BLS) training classes: American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support for health care providers or another basic life support training that is equivalent to an AHA accredited course which is reviewed and approved by the Surgeon General.

1. AHA courses

To find a course near you:

2. American Red Cross

3. Rescue One Training

4. Military Network Training

Fort Meade

Email: to schedule appointment

Joint Base Andrews

Phone: 240-612-1174 to schedule an appointment or email

Ft. Belvioir

Phone 571-231-3389 for instruction on how to register on-line