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Operation Turkey Dinner – Donations and Volunteers Needed

Updated: Nov 20

SOUTHEAST D.C. VETERANS SERVICE CENTER: Support our underserved, low-income, unemployed, disabled, and minority veterans and their family members, who are transitioning from homelessness to stable, permanent housing

Who: DC COA, MoCO COA, and the SWPAG

What: 2023 Operation Turkey Dinner (OTD)

When: 11/21/2023

Where: Southeast D.C. Veterans Service Center (SEVSC), 820 Chesapeake St, SW Washington, D.C., 20032


I) Donate turkey and fixins via the Gift Registry online:


II) Volunteer at the OTD distribution event at SEVSC on November 21 to help hand out turkey and fixins to veterans and their families.

Attire: ODU

For questions or to volunteer, kindly reach out to LT Christine Nappa, or 302-598-1130.

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