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PHS Athletics: American Heart Month Virtual 5k Run/10k Walk

Description: Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of deaths among the American population. Heart disease affects people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. Risk factors include high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, and excessive alcohol use. We can take a more proactive role in improving our cardiovascular health and reducing our risk of heart disease by eating healthier, making wise food choices, and engaging in various physical activities. On Saturday Feb. 4th, 2023, participate in a virtual 5k run or a 10k walk. Run in any location of your choice: a park trail, a track, or your own neighborhood. The temperature outside may be too cold in your area, so please feel free to run on an indoor treadmill. Don’t forget to show-off your USPHS pride by wearing a PHS spirit gear (No uniform components please). After you have completed the event, please email the event leader (no later than Monday Feb. 6, 2023) with your info: Rank, Full Name, SERNO#, Location of run, Category, and your Email along with a picture or selfie in your favorite PHS gear along with a screenshot of your watch or GPS tracker or phone. If submitting photos of minors and/or civilians, please email the event leader for a PHS Photo Release Consent form. Encourage other PHS officers, your coworkers, neighbors, family & friends to do this with you. This is a great chance to start the New Year with some heart-healthy habits!

Event Leader: LT Samora Casimir,

Where: Virtual (Must meet virtual criteria of at least 3 locations with 3 participants)

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