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The Faces of Our Organization

CAPT Juliette Taylor

CAPT Juliette Taylor pic.png

CDR Hien Albright
Vice President


LCDR Scott Steffen

Final picture LCDR Scott Steffen.jpg

LT Morgan Lee
Finance Committee Liaison

LT Lee.jpg

CDR Javier Muniz
Member at-large - Physician Category
Recreation and Networking Committee Liaison

CDR Muniz.jpg

CDR Andrew Yang
Member at-large - Engineer Category
Merchandise Committee Liaison

CDR Yang.jpg

CDR Kristen Haslam
Member at-large - Nurse Category
Community Outreach Committee Liaison

DC COA Logo - Transparent.png

CDR Lindsay Hatch
Member at-large - HSO Category
Policy and Procedures Committee Liaison

DC COA Logo - Transparent.png

LCDR Loan Chin
Member at-large - Pharmacy Category
Awards Committee Liaison

Loan Chin 2.jpg

CDR David Huang
Member at-large -Scientist Category
Member Outreach Committee Liaison


CDR Bic Nguyen
Member at-large -Combined Category
Career Development and Education Committee Liaison

CDR Nguyen 2.jpg

CAPT Jason Woo (ret.)
Member at-large - Retired Officer
Communications Committee Liaison

JWoo Arbinger photo.jpg
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