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Doing What’s Needed


The DC COA Communication Committee consists of the following subcommittees: Website, Facebook, Email, Publications, and Historian.  The DC COA Communication Committee distributes the DC COA and the USPHS related information to the DC COA members.

Contact LCDR Elizabeth Kim or CDR Jung Lee for more info!

Board Liasion:  Dr. Jason Woo (CAPT Retired)

The Website Subcommittee maintains and updates the DCCOA website with the latest information.


CDR Trang Tran and LCDR Evan Wearne

The Social Media Subcommittee maintains the DCCOA Facebook page that communicates current topics and upcoming events to the DCCOA members.

Email Subcommittee

CDR Jung Lee

The Email Subcommittee disseminates announcements related to DCCOA sponsored events, PHS support activities, volunteer opportunities, and other items of interest to the DCCOA members via the DCCOA listserv.


LT Isabel Gorgoroso

The Publications Subcommittee establishes routine newsletter publications with articles submitted by officers.


LCDR Michael Simpson

The Historian Subcommittee captures PHS events in the DC area by maintaining a record of pictures, videos, and documents in electronic format and maintains the photos on the SmugMug website.

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