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Asthma Awareness Month 5K Run/10K Walk


Asthma is a chronic lung disease affecting people of all ages. It is caused by inflammation and muscle tightening around the airways, which makes it harder to breathe. Asthma cannot be cured but there are several treatments available including bronchodilators and steroids. Asthma affects the quality of life of over 24 million Americans and their families and is the most common frequent chronic condition among adults and children worldwide. Please join us in raising awareness during Asthma Awareness Month!


Please wear your favorite PHS gear with pride and adhere to local mask mandates guidelines. After you have completed the event, please email the event leader with your information: Rank, Full Name, SERNO#, Location of run, Category, and Email along with a picture in your PHS gear, a screenshot of your watch, fitness tracker, and/or phone.


If submitting photos of minors and/or civilians, please email the event leader for a PHS Photo Release Consent form. Please encourage other PHS officers, your co-workers, neighbors, family & friends to join this event with you. Please send in your screenshot, photos, and required information no later than Tuesday, May 7, 2024 (23:59) to prevent delays in processing forms.


Event Leader: LT Johanna Paillet-Growl,


WhenSunday, May 5, 2024, from 0000 - 2359


Where: Virtually


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